Workshops are aimed to be mainly attended by graduates; moreover, doctorate students whose thesis is related to the subject of the Workshop may present their own work.

Workshop „Teaching and Research on Floods and Droughts in Europe“ in Summer Semester 2022

 Common Teaching and Research on
“WaTerResources Management for ClImate Change AdapTatiON (TRITON)”

Workshop „Teaching and Research on Floods and Droughts in Europe

Munich, June 1st, 2022

Morning June 1st, 2022 (TUM Campus, Augustenstraße 44)

09:00 – 09:10

Prof. Markus Disse (TUM)

09:10 – 09:25

Triton Program Introduction
Dr. Jingshui Huang (TUM)

09:25 – 09:40

Master’s program in Environmental Engineering of TUM
Prof. Markus Disse (TUM)

09:40 – 09:55

Master’s program in Water Resources Science and Technology of NTUA Prof. Anastasios Stamou (NTUA)

09:55 – 10:15

Coffee break

10:15 – 10:25

Erasmus Program
Ms. Nadin Klomke (TUM)

10:25 – 10:40

Triton Program’s student exchange procedure
Dr. Jingshui Huang (TUM)

10:40 – 10:50

1:1 TUM-DTU Master Program introduction
Dr. Antonios Tsakarestos (TUM)

10:50 – 11:30

1:1 TUM-NTUA Program discussion
Prof. Markus Disse (TUM)

11:30 – 12:00

Planning of summer school in Greece in Sept. 2022
Prof. Anastasios Stamou (NTUA)

12:00 – 12:30

Remaining tasks of Triton Program
Dr. Karl Broich (TUM)

12:30 – 13:30


Afternoon June 1st, 2022 (IFAT, Messe Munich, DWA Forum, Westeingang)


Prof. Markus Disse (TUM)


Triton Program introduction
Dr. Jingshui Huang (TUM)


Water Reuse – potential, challenges, opportunities as a future water supply option
Prof. Jörg Drewes (TUM) 


Methodology for the design of Flood Early Warning Systems in Climate Change Conditions– Application in the town of Mandra, Attica, Greece
Prof. Anastasios Stamou (NTUA)


Prof. Florian Einsiedl (TUM)


Rainfall runoff estimation and forecasting using novel technologies in Greece
Prof. Evangelos Baltas (NTUA)


Prof. Nils Rüther (TUM) 


Predicting pluvial and flash flood susceptible areas for Bavaria using data-driven approaches
Prof. Markus Disse (TUM)


Discussion & Concluding remarks
Prof. Markus Disse

Contacts: Dr. Jingshui Huang,; Dr. Karl Broich,


Workshop in 2021-2022 Winter Semester

The PhD-seminar is organized by the Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management at TUM. It serves as a platform for the PhD-students to present and discuss their work. Additionally external presentors are invited to give insight into national, European and world wide research on actual scientific topics in hydrology. The seminar is offered in a hybrid format, i.e. it can be attended both in presence and online. This year the PhD-seminar is open for access to our partner university NTUA (National Technical University Athen) within the project TRITON.

Time: Thursday, 11.30am – 1 pm

Room: 2601 (Entry Theresienstraße)


Meeting ID: 649 3221 1852

Passcode: PHDS_2022

DatePresenterTitle of presentation
21.10.2021Giovanni Michele PortaUQ and sensitivity analysis related to pesticides transport and biodegradation
28.10.2021Senthold AssengClimate change impact on agriculture and food security
04.11.2021Jorge LeandroFlood resilience in hydraulic engineering: A quantitative approach
11.11.2021András BárdossyWie gut sind hydrologische Modelle?
18.11.2021 Florentin HofmeisterMonitoring and modeling of snow hydrological processes in high-elevation catchments
25.11.2021Teresa Perez-CiriaWavelet application in alpine hydrology: streamflow analysis at multiple temporal and spatial scales
02.12.2021Leonardo FranciscoIntegration of Water Quality Monitoring Systems and Remote Sensing
09.12.2021Daniel BittnerThe Erft flood 2021 – A chronological revision
16.12.2021Pablo Merchan-Rivera Uncertainties in subsurface flow field due to surface water and groundwater interactions during extreme hydrological events
13.01.2022Muhammad Al-QuadiEnhanced wellfield management in Jordan
20.01.2022Sebastian FriedrichGroundwater Modelling of Bavarian Peatlands with Mikeshe
27.01.2022Timo SchaffhauserComparison of climate projection generations and their Impacts on hydrological processes
03.02.2022Henrike StockelDesign flood estimation for small ungauged catchments using event-based models
10.02.2022Brigitte HelmreichStormwater management in view to the challenges posed by climate change
17.02.2022 Mónica Basilio HazasImpact of hydropeaking on groundwater mixing: from laboratory experiments to field scale observations