Teaching and research will be improved in TUM and NTUA via the following activities:

The employability of NTUA graduates will increase via the following activities:

TRITON partnership activity offerings

With TRITON we will offer the following activities:


The Workshop is mainly attended by graduates; moreover, doctorate students whose thesis is related to the subject of the Workshop may present their own work

Summer Schools

During the Summer School, the students undertake an integrated real problem that they will attempt to solve applying project-based learning methods. Professors and doctorate students from NTUA and TUM will design the test cases and perform the lectures and supervision of teams.

Strategic Meetings

The scope of the strategic meetings is to discuss and finalize the strategic plan of TRITON, including all activities as well as the prospects of the Double Degree (or 1:1 program) in cooperation with other European Universities to increase its internationalization.


The Conference will be organized in Athens, together with the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) Europe Congress that will be chaired by Prof. Stamou. In this Conference, doctorate students will present their work.

Short stays

TRITON includes short stays of TUM and short stays and guest lectures of NTUA Professors for teaching courses, Workshops and Summer Schools.

The activities of TRITON will be performed within the following Master’s programmes:

The Master’s Programme in Environmental Engineering (Umweltingenieurwesen) at TUM

Field of Study 2 – Water Resources Management (FS2-WRM)

The required courses of FS2-WRM are:

The Master’s Programme in Water Resources Science and Technology at NTUA

Water Resources Science and Technology at NTUA

The required courses are: